About Shawna

How did I become the mediator in jeans, you may ask? My journey didn’t begin in this direction exactly, but here’s a brief roadmap of how I found myself in this amazing place.

I’ve always been interested in politics and how to make things happen. As a result I studied Political Science at Blackburn College and earned a Bachelors Degree. After college, I worked in insurance for 4 years and realized corporate life was not for me. So, I went back to school to actually learn something. I’ve earned a Masters in Legal Studies and Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield. A faculty member recommended I continue my education at Nova Southeastern University in their Conflict Analysis and Resolution program. This path also led me to Northwestern University where I earned my Divorce Mediation Certificate in 2010, and I’ve been a court approved mediator ever sense.

After many years of staying, I wanted to put my education to use and help people find peace in their relationships. In 2010, I started my own mention practice. Through this experience, a sad fact became very clear – so many couples were falling into this pit of no return and their relationships failed. It was then I realized my focus should change. Instead of trying to deal with the aftermath of doomed relationships, I realized it would be more constructive and proactive, to share my insights, trainings and education as a mediator with you. Thus, The Mediator In Jeans was born.

My Mission

The content here isn’t intended to just give out hard and fast answer to any problem, but it’s more about teaching you the skills of peacemaking and becoming a skilled problem solver in your own life.

Please join me every week as we tackle the twists and turns of personal relationships. I’m committed to providing useful information in multiple ways that will help optimize your relationships.

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Until next time, be fair with each other,

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