My Mission

How did I become the mediator in jeans, you may ask?

My journey didn’t begin in this direction exactly, but here’s a brief roadmap of how I found myself in this amazing place.

I’ve always been interested in politics and how to make things happen. As a result I studied Political Science at Blackburn College and earned a Bachelors Degree. After college, I worked in insurance for 4 years and realized corporate life was not for me. So, I went back to school to actually learn something. I’ve earned a Masters in Legal Studies and Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield. A faculty member recommended I continue my education at Nova Southeastern University in their Conflict Analysis and Resolution program. This path also led me to Northwestern University where I earned my Divorce Mediation Certificate in 2010, and I’ve been a court approved mediator ever sense.

After many years of staying, I wanted to put my education to use and help people find peace in their relationships. In 2010, I started my own mention practice. Through this experience, a sad fact became very clear – so many couples were falling into this pit of no return and their relationships failed. It was then I realized my focus should change. Instead of trying to deal with the aftermath of doomed relationships, I realized it would be more constructive and proactive, to share my insights, trainings and education as a mediator with you. Thus, The Mediator In Jeans was born.

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Be fair with one another,