Let’s face it, at some point we’re all going to experience conflicts with people we in our life, even with people we love the most. Miscommunication, anger, grief, disappointment, and hard feelings happen And when it happens it can cover our eyes with a veil of emotion, making it difficult to see any other perspective. It can also make us react in a non-constructive way that we later come to regret. “I wish I had handled that differently!” “I wish I could take that back.”

If you’ve ever said anything like that, you’re not alone. My goal here is to provide quality guidance and tools to help you be a peacemaker in your every day life and learn how to prevent conflict from arising. If you are going to build a house, would you go about it with out any planning or having the right tools or equipment? You might find the end result wasn’t really how you envisioned it. Relationship building (and maintenance) also benefits from planning and the right tools. I’m here to give teach you the tools and skills you need to de-escallate arguments, prevent miscommunication, and constructively deal with problems as they arise.

If you believe that you deserve to have a healthier relationship (and you do!) and want to build stronger ones, you are in the right place, welcome!

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